Alief Community Association, Inc​.
ACA 2017 Calendar of Events
Events and Dates are Subject to Change

Date                                                    Events                     

Jan  4                                                   ACA Meeting    

Feb 7               Invite                           First Quarterly Breakfast

Feb 1                                                   ACA Meeting

March  1                                             ACA Meeting 

April  5                                               ACA Meeting

May 2               Invite                          Second Quarterly Breakfast –

May3                                                   ACA Meeting

June 7                                                  ACA Meeting

June 16             Flier                            Father/Daughter Day Dance

July  5                                                  ACA Meeting

July 14                                                 Set up YMCA for VET Lunch YMCA  6 to 9 PM

July 15                                                 Veterans Luncheon YMCA

Aug 1                 Invite                        Third Quarterly Networking Breakfast.

August 2                                               ACA  Monthly Meeting 
August 5                                               Alief Health Fair

Sept 4                                                    Send out Applications for the Parade

Sept 6                                                    ACA Meeting

Oct 4                                                     ACA Meeting         Need Flier        

Oct 4                                                     Start collection Food and Toys  

Oct 18                                                   ACA  Meeting for Parade

Oct 19                                                   Applications for parade due to ACA

Oct 25                                                   ACA  Meeting for Parade

Oct 27                                                   Send out Invitations for Nov. Breakfast

Nov 1                                                    ACA Meeting         

Nov 4                                                    Alief International Parade / Alief Proud Day

Nov 7                                                    Election Day

Nov 14                                                  Quarterly Network Breakfast   Fourth.

Nov 14                                                    Last day to collect food
Nov 16                                                    Give out the food baskets

Dec 6                                                       ACA Meeting

Dec 12                                                     End of Toy Drive      

Dec  14                                                    Give away toys for Christmas     


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.!

Events and Dates subject to change.

Community workday activities may be added.

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